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Schildkröt Beachball Set XL Schildkröt Beachball Set XL
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970152
With the new, improved version of the Schildkröt  Beach Ball Set XL made of sturdy 8 mm plywood, exercise and fun are guaranteed for the whole family. Whether on the beach, in the garden, park, on vacation, on the volleyball field or soccer field. The Beach Ball Set is made of high quality wood..
€ 9.99
Ex Tax:€ 8.26
Schildkröt Bodyboard L Schildkröt Bodyboard L
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970215
The sturdy bodyboards from Schildkröt should not be missing on any trip. There is the right board in different sizes for every age group. The large Schildkröt bodyboard size L with trendy graffiti look (red-black), has a core of EPS foam and is covered with protective nylon. With the leash (stra..
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 20.65
Schildkröt Bodyboard M Schildkröt Bodyboard M
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970216
€ 17.99
Ex Tax:€ 14.87
Schildkröt Jazzminton Birdies (Spare Balls) Schildkröt Jazzminton Birdies (Spare Balls)
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970156
Box of 3 original Jazzminton Birdies from Schildkröt, replacement shuttlecocks for the Jazzminton game, good quality. Three different birdies offer all the extras for beginners (red feathers - slow), experienced players (yellow feathers - fast) and the LED ball for playing in the dark (orange fea..
€ 7.99
Ex Tax:€ 6.60
Schildkröt Jazzminton Set Schildkröt Jazzminton Set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970155
Jazzminton - the new cool beachball set from Schildkröt - nominated for Top10 Toys 2018. A very special sound, a precise flight curve and the option of LED night play are the special features of the new jazz mint set from Schildkröt Funsports. When you hit the "birdies" with your "bat", the rebo..
€ 19.99
Ex Tax:€ 16.52
Schildkröt Mini-Balls Duo-Pack Schildkröt Mini-Balls Duo-Pack
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970281
Mega fun for beach, garden and pool with the mini ball duo pack.  Content: Mini beach volleyball (Ø 9 cm), filled with foam, stays light and jumps on the water surface and Mini American football 12 x 8 cm soaks up the water and becomes a real water bomb - the victim is guaranteed to be wet)..
€ 12.99
Ex Tax:€ 10.74
Schildkröt Neoprene Catch & Play set Schildkröt Neoprene Catch & Play set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970226
The soft and handy neoprene Velcro hand catchers (Ø 17 cm) have a width adjustable wrist strap. The velcro surface is firmly stitched with the neoprene and cannot tear, as was often the case with plastic catches in the past! The set contains 1 velcro ball (Ø 6.25 cm - replacement balls are avail..
€ 14.99
Ex Tax:€ 12.39
Schildkröt Neoprene Splash Ball Watermelon Schildkröt Neoprene Splash Ball Watermelon
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970292
The watermelon splash ball is a must-have on holiday at the beach or the next trip to the lake. With its non-slip neoprene surface (approx. 135 g, 25 x 13 cm), throw the splashball through the air or over water like an American football or rugby ball. The flight characteristics and the refreshin..
€ 12.39
Ex Tax:€ 12.39
Schildkröt Petanque set Schildkröt Petanque set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970011
Beautiful jeu de boules set consisting of 6 metal boules with a diameter of 7.25 cm, a small goal ball and a distance meter. Everything is packed in a robust nylon bag with zipper with handle and transparent front. The ideal leisure classic for young and old in good quality...
€ 29.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.79
Schildkröt Round Net Set Schildkröt Round Net Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970981
Roundnet is the new ultimate fun sport for young and old. You play it in two teams of 2 players. Everyone is equally divided around the net. To serve, the ball is hit on the net with the flat hand so that it flies the other way. The opponents can now pass the ball to each other up to three times ..
€ 49.99
Ex Tax:€ 41.31
Schildkröt Set of 2 Catch Balls Schildkröt Set of 2 Catch Balls
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970049
€ 4.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.12
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