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Wicked Mega Spin Gravity Wicked Mega Spin Gravity
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Brand: Wicked Model: WKGRA
Mega Spin Gravity automatically returns to your hand thanks to it's integrated auto-return clutch system! Just throw it down, blast out some tricks and Gravity will....defy gravity and come back to your hand! But that's not all! This yo-yo features flashing multi-colour LED lights so your tricks rea..
€ 9.99
Ex Tax:€ 8.26
Wicked Mega Spin Saturn Wicked Mega Spin Saturn
Out Of Stock
Brand: Wicked Model: WKSAT
Get ready to throw like a pro with the Mega Spin Saturn! Featuring a super smooth ball-bearing axle for incredibly long spin times - perfect for performing anything from basic to more advanced tricks! The butterfly shape is ideal for perfecting your string tricks and the flashing color-changing LED ..
€ 9.99
Ex Tax:€ 8.26
Wicked Mega Spin Uranus Wicked Mega Spin Uranus
Out Of Stock
Brand: Wicked Model: WKURA
Great for honing your yo-yo skills and taking your tricks to the next level, Mega Spin Uranus features a super-smooth steel & plastic axle for longer spin times. The classic butterfly shape makes practicing string tricks much easier and in case your string breaks, we've thrown in a handy replace..
€ 7.99
Ex Tax:€ 6.60
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