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Slack- and ziplines

HQ Slackline HQ Inspiration HQ Slackline HQ Inspiration
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Brand: HQ Invento Model: 390250
All people need to practice this balance sport are two adequate objects to affix this balance strap to (e.g. trees or poles). This incredibly dynamic sport requires a different set of skills and abilities and encourages people to develop an excellent sense of balance. Slacklining also helps clim..
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Slackers Ninja Line Starter Set Slackers Ninja Line Starter Set
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Brand: Slackers Model: 980024
Train like a Ninja with our patented 36 foot Slackers NinjaLine Intro Kit and 7 Hanging Obstacles.The 36 foot Ninjaline includes 14 double-sewn durable pockets to customize the arrangement of obstacles as well as add on additional ones like a Ninja Net or Climbing Rope. Easy installation and take d..
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Slackers Slackline Set "Classic" incl. teaching line Slackers Slackline Set "Classic" incl. teaching line
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Brand: Slackers Model: 980010
Slackers slackline has a length of 15 meters of top quality! A slackline is a wide band that you tension between two objects (for example two trees) with the supplied tensioner. You can use the slackline as a monkey bridge or for balancing. Easy to install and dismantle, no knots or mountaineeri..
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Slackers Tree Protector set XXL Slackers Tree Protector set XXL
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Brand: Slackers Model: 980011
These tree guards can be used for slacklines, ninja lines and zip lines.They ensure that both the boom and the line are protected against wear.They are easy to plate with the Velcro fastener...
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Slackers Zipline Set "Eagle" - 30m Slackers Zipline Set "Eagle" - 30m
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Brand: Slackers Model: 980005
Create your own zip line of up to 30 meters. All you need are 2 sturdy trees and this Slackers Eagle Zipline set. Fasten the steel cable between the 2 trees with the help of the manual and just ride. The daredevils hold the handle with their hands and swing from one side to the other. Is this stil..
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