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Stomp Rocket

Gunther Air Rocket 2
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1556
Install the rocket and stomp on the launch unit. Always fun guaranteed with this rocket that flies up to 20 meters. incl. 3 foam rockets...
€ 12.99
Ex Tax:€ 10.74
Gunther Mini Hand Pump Rocket
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1557
This Air pressure tool is simple to use. squeeze and the rocket flies away. It is supplied with 3 foam rocket...
€ 4.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.12
Gunther Pop Darts
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1542
This Air pressure rocket launcher is new in the program of Gunther. It is supplied with 1 foam rocket and 2 foam darts.The harder you squeeze the further it comes...
€ 6.99
Ex Tax:€ 5.78
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