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Circus JOJO Beanbag 4-panel   2 colors Circus JOJO Beanbag 4-panel   2 colors
in stock
Brand: Circus JOJO Model: 7056
€ 5.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.92
Circus JOJO Beanbag 4-panel   single color Circus JOJO Beanbag 4-panel   single color
in stock
Brand: Circus JOJO Model: 7055
€ 5.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.92
Circus JOJO Beanbag 4-panel Multicolor
Out Of Stock
Brand: Circus JOJO Model: 7010.44
€ 4.50
Ex Tax:€ 3.72
Gunther Zooom Rocket Gunther Zooom Rocket
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1551
Catapult rocket. Howls as it flies. Flights up to 30m!..
€ 16.99
Ex Tax:€ 14.04
HQ Rocket Whistler HQ Rocket Whistler
Out Of Stock
Brand: HQ Invento Model: 360278
Successor of the well-known Vortex Pocket Howler. Howling sound effect combined with aerodynamic design...
€ 6.99
Ex Tax:€ 5.78
HQ Rocket Whistler XL HQ Rocket Whistler XL
in stock
Brand: HQ Invento Model: 360276
This awesome football provides excellent flying characteristics for long distance throws. 2 whistles create an amazing sound effect during flights...
€ 18.99
Ex Tax:€ 15.69
Kalash 26 Panel Kalash 26 Panel
Out Of Stock
Brand: Higgins Brothers Model: HB1412
Another footbag with a very unique design. Six larger panels and twenty smaller ones make for one radical footbag. Comes with a fill of sand and made from synthetic suede.  ..
€ 6.76
Ex Tax:€ 5.59
Nerf Neoprene Volleyball
in stock
Brand: Nerf Model: 10546
  Beautiful Neopreen volleyball with a new blue/orange design. A soft and light ball with a very nice soft touch outside. Suitable for use indoors, in the gym, but also outside in the pool or in the garden...
€ 19.95
Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Nerf Vortex Aero Howler Nerf Vortex Aero Howler
in stock
Brand: Nerf Model: 360287
The legendary Vortex Howler - available with neon colours and a stylish design. Throwing range: up to 90 meters. Can be thrown with great accuracy. 2 incorporated whistles provide amazing sound effects...
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 20.65
OGO Sport Spare Balls 2 Pieces OGO Sport Spare Balls 2 Pieces
in stock
Brand: OgoSport Model: 970091
Two Ogo Sport replacement balls (Ø 6.5 cm) for the Ogosport set. The special soft ball for OgoSport is so soft that you can even use it indoors. The nice thing about the soft balls is that they don't roll away when they hit the ground; you don't have to run after it. OgoSport's specialty is its ve..
€ 5.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.95
Play Beanbag Classic 4 colors
in stock
Brand: Play Model: BBM
Beanbags are excellent for learning to juggle three balls. They are easy to catch, soft on your hands and wont roll away from you when their dropped. Specification 8 panels 120 gr..
€ 4.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Schildkröt Mini-Balls Duo-Pack Schildkröt Mini-Balls Duo-Pack
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970281
Mega fun for beach, garden and pool with the mini ball duo pack.  Content: Mini beach volleyball (Ø 9 cm), filled with foam, stays light and jumps on the water surface and Mini American football 12 x 8 cm soaks up the water and becomes a real water bomb - the victim is guaranteed to be wet)..
€ 12.99
Ex Tax:€ 10.74
Schildkröt Petanque set Schildkröt Petanque set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970011
Beautiful jeu de boules set consisting of 6 metal boules with a diameter of 7.25 cm, a small goal ball and a distance meter. Everything is packed in a robust nylon bag with zipper with handle and transparent front. The ideal leisure classic for young and old in good quality...
€ 34.99
Ex Tax:€ 28.92
Schildkröt Round Net Set Schildkröt Round Net Set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970981
Roundnet is the new ultimate fun sport for young and old. You play it in two teams of 2 players. Everyone is equally divided around the net. To serve, the ball is hit on the net with the flat hand so that it flies the other way. The opponents can now pass the ball to each other up to three times ..
€ 49.99
Ex Tax:€ 41.31
Schildkröt Set of 2 Catch Balls Schildkröt Set of 2 Catch Balls
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970049
2 replacement velcro balls for the neoprene velcro set, one green-black, one yellow-black, in the net with hangtag...
€ 4.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.12
Vicfun Featherball set premium
in stock
Brand: Vicfun Model: VC174310
The Vicfun "Featherball" set consists of two rackets (baths) and two balls.The rules....? nice hitting back and forth.For in the garden, the beach or just where there is space. Little can go wrong with the plastic rackets and the plastic balls...
€ 16.95
Ex Tax:€ 14.01
Vicfun Hitball set
in stock
Brand: Vicfun Model: VC174200
These two water-resistant, lightweight pools are the ideal rackets for learning table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis.There is a lot of similarity in the movements; serving, hitting and the coordination for it.A kid-friendly way to master the skills of these sports.This training material is a "..
€ 14.95
Ex Tax:€ 12.36
Vicfun Scoopball
in stock
Brand: Vicfun Model: VC184600
Scoopball from "Vicfun" is a must try. Scoopball is derived from an American sport called "Jai Alai".The Set consists of two "shovels" with which you can both throw and catch a lightweight ball.Due to the elongated shovel shape you give the ball extra speed with the throwing movement and the shape o..
€ 9.99
Ex Tax:€ 8.26
Vicfun Speed Badminton 100 Set Junior (orange/blue)
in stock
Brand: Vicfun Model: VC186870
VICFUN Speed Badminton Junior Set 100The Speed Badminton 100 Junior Set brings the little ones to the greatest performance! The children experience the most extreme version of racket sports. There are no limits to speed badminton - you can play on the beach, in the garden or in the park and even com..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax:€ 28.88
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