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Elliot Helix speed tennis Elliot Helix speed tennis
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Brand: Elliot Model: HE556
Helix speed tennis with of 2 rackets and 2 shuttles. The perfect combination of two well-known and traditional games, tennis and badminton! The bats are made of high-quality plastic. The HELIX shuttle has the speed of a ball and the movement of a shuttle. The set comes with two different shu..
€ 13.95
Ex Tax:€ 11.53
OGO Sport Set OGO Sport Set
in stock
Brand: OgoSport Model: 970117
The OgoSport set has been a bestseller for years. The versatile set is great fun for the whole family. Whether on the beach, in the park or in the park, Ogosport is a must for any summer vacation! It is relatively easy to play over with the OgoSet, making it easy for young children to get acquainted..
€ 29.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.79
OGO Sport Spare Balls 2 Pieces OGO Sport Spare Balls 2 Pieces
in stock
Brand: OgoSport Model: 970091
Two Ogo Sport replacement balls (Ø 6.5 cm) for the Ogosport set. The special soft ball for OgoSport is so soft that you can even use it indoors. The nice thing about the soft balls is that they don't roll away when they hit the ground; you don't have to run after it. OgoSport's specialty is its ve..
€ 5.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.95
Schildkröt Beachball Set Ocean Schildkröt Beachball Set Ocean
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970157
he Beach Ball Set "Ocean" is made of high-quality wood and contains two plastic balls in addition to the bats. As always with Schildkröt, everything is packed in a net bag - so everything is always neatly stored and nothing gets lost until the next use!The set contains 2 bats made of lacquered wood ..
€ 12.99
Ex Tax:€ 10.74
Schildkröt Jazzminton Birdies (Spare Balls) Schildkröt Jazzminton Birdies (Spare Balls)
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970156
Box of 3 original Jazzminton Birdies from Schildkröt, replacement shuttlecocks for the Jazzminton game, good quality. Three different birdies offer all the extras for beginners (red feathers - slow), experienced players (yellow feathers - fast) and the LED ball for playing in the dark (orange fea..
€ 7.99
Ex Tax:€ 6.60
Schildkröt Jazzminton Set Schildkröt Jazzminton Set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970155
Jazzminton - the new cool beachball set from Schildkröt - nominated for Top10 Toys 2018. A very special sound, a precise flight curve and the option of LED night play are the special features of the new jazz mint set from Schildkröt Funsports. When you hit the "birdies" with your "bat", the rebo..
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 20.65
Schildkröt Neoprene Catch & Play set Schildkröt Neoprene Catch & Play set
in stock
Brand: Schildkröt Model: 970226
The soft and handy neoprene Velcro hand catchers (Ø 17 cm) have a width adjustable wrist strap. The velcro surface is firmly stitched with the neoprene and cannot tear, as was often the case with plastic catches in the past! The set contains 1 velcro ball (Ø 6.25 cm - replacement balls are avail..
€ 14.99
Ex Tax:€ 12.39
Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Set Speed 2200 Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Set Speed 2200
Out Of Stock
Brand: Talbot-Torro Model: 490112
The new Speed ​​2200 set from Talbot-Torro is the ideal transition from badminton to speed badminton - the perfect start! Two badminton-like rackets with a hardened aluminum head, steel shaft and durable 1.0mm string as well as a can of 3 balls (2 fast "racers", 1 slower "starter") offer pure fun. T..
€ 29.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.79
Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Set Speed 4400 Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Set Speed 4400
Out Of Stock
Brand: Talbot-Torro Model: 490114
Pure speed badminton: The entry-level set Speed ​​4400 from Talbot-Torro comes with a can of 3 balls (2 fast "Racers", 1 slower "Starter") and in a trendy sling bag with a mesh front. The handy rackets (length 54.5cm, weight 165g, frame profile 17.3mm) are 4cm shorter than the normal speed badminton..
€ 39.99
Ex Tax:€ 33.05
Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Shuttles Talbot Torro Speedbadminton Shuttles
in stock
Brand: Talbot-Torro Model: 490180
Made From High Quality Material. Tube Of 3 High Quality Speed Badminton Shuttles "Aero Speed" Containing 2 Fast "Racers" And 1 Slower "Starter", All Packed In A Practical Tube With Screwing Cap. Made In Germany..
€ 12.99
Ex Tax:€ 10.74
Vicfun Speed Badminton 100 Set green
in stock
Brand: Vicfun Model: VC186800
With the VICFUN speed badminton set VF-100 you have a winner when it comes to racket sports. The speed badminton rackets are made of lightweight aluminum. It resembles a squash racket but shorter. The shuttles, called Shock Ball shuttles, look like a normal shuttle, but are heavier, faster and more ..
€ 34.95
Ex Tax:€ 28.88
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