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Helicopter en propellor

Ambulance Ambulance
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1683
Launch the Ambulance helicopter with the power cord and it flies high up in the sky. The safety propellor makes this toy safe for small children. Lots of fun indoor and outdoor. Includes Free-flying model helicopter Speed launcher with power cord With safety propeller Crazy flying pro..
€ 7.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.57
Police Copter Police Copter
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1684
Launch the police helicapter with the power starter and it will fly high into the air. The safety propellor ensures that small children can't get hurt. Lots of fun, indoors and outdoors. includes Self flying hlicopter Quikcstarter Safety proppellor..
€ 7.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.57
Power Spin Power Spin
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1645
Pull the quickstarter and the rotor of the power spin will fly high into the sky and then comes back to you! For years tested and super fun toys.  ..
€ 7.95
Ex Tax:€ 6.57
Spin Ball Spin Ball
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1639
Flying smiley with power starter...
€ 5.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.92
Turbo Blaster Turbo Blaster
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1685
The Turbo Blaster is a flying toy with a starting gun and propellors. Put one of the 6 propellors on the starting gun, and shoot to put the propellor in the air. ..
€ 4.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.09
Twirly Twirly
in stock
Brand: Gunther Model: GU1682
This classic flying toy is a great idea for backyard or driveway play. Just prop the propeller onto the launcher, pull the chord and watch it lift off! This kit is easy to use and made ready to fly with the speed launcher and two helicopter blades...
€ 3.95
Ex Tax:€ 3.26
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