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Elliot Dropkick 2.0 Orange

Elliot Dropkick 2.0 Orange
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Elliot Dropkick 2.0 Orange
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  • Model: 1011559
  • EAN: 4041642115598
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This exceptional four lines kite offers a great deal of fun and is the ideal entry into the quad line flying. Thanks to the profiled sail section, in combination with the optimum proportions and the precisely matched scales, this kite glitters with simple starting behavior, throttled traction and good-natured, stable flight behavior throughout the wind window.

Both beginners and advanced pilots are given the opportunity to experience the tremendous fun of the Quadline world! Its stable construction forgives many beginners' mistakes.

Dimensions in cm 200 x 81
Frame Carbon fibre 3/8 mm
Kite Lines 4x 25 m / 40 daN
Level Allrounder
Windrange 1,5 - 4 Bft
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