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Blokart Pro HD Complete (standard wheels)

Blokart Pro HD Complete (standard wheels)
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Blokart Pro HD Complete (standard wheels)
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Meet the Blokart Pro HD rigged with the 5.0 Flat top sail, fiber mast and normal wheels.

The Pro HD blokart® is developed specifically for Rental / Commercial operators and only available for this segment. Based around the popular Pro model blokart® the Pro HD (Heavy Duty) has been significantly strengthened to cope with the punishing rental environment. This will reduce maintenance costs and downtime offering a safe, trouble-free service for customers.

The blokart® 5.0 HD Flat Top Sail is available only to commercial operations. It has modifications focused on durability, and ease of use. It needs only 4 mast sections.

We will not hold stock for the Pro HD blokart®. This means that the delivery time will take around 60 days.
We will hold stock for spares.

Important: The modifications to the Keel, Mast Base, Struts and Sails do NOT qualify for Blokart 1 Design racing under IBRA rules. These components must be replaced for racing.

Please contact us for all the details about this blokart

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